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How Is Heavy Motor Insurance Different Than Standard Commercial Insurance?

Heavy motor insurance is needed for businesses that own and operate heavy-duty vehicles, including trucks, cranes, and the like. When you shop for commercial auto insurance you may see standard commercial vehicle insurance offered, and may wonder how heavy motor insurance is different and if you need it for standard delivery trucks or trailers. Note a few of those differences here so you can ensure you choose the right type of coverage for the vehicle you operate.

1. Heavy motor insurance may have higher limits

One difference between heavy motor insurance and standard insurance offered for commercial vehicles is that the coverage limits may be higher. This is needed because there is often greater risk of expensive property damage if your heavy-duty vehicle were to be involved in an accident. As an example, if an earthmover tips while carrying a full load, the expense for cleanup may be greater than if a bread truck tips while fully loaded. Typically heavy motor insurance will cover the cost of property damage as well as cleanup and other expenses that are needed after such an accident, so the coverage limits are often higher.

2. Specialized insurance for special carriers

Heavy motor insurance may also be needed for special carriers, even if you don't assume that they would fall under the category of a heavy load. This might include hazardous materials, livestock haulers and horse trailers, grain carriers, and refrigerated carriers. The insurance regulations for these types of loads may be different than those for standard vehicles or trailers carrying nonhazardous items, so if you need specialized insurance, you may need heavy motor insurance.

3. Business interruption insurance may be included

If one vehicle in your fleet is damaged in an accident, this may not disrupt your business. Even if it's the only company vehicle you use, it's easy enough to rent another vehicle or truck and continue with your deliveries or other reason for being on the road. However, if a heavy-duty vehicle gets damaged, this can interrupt a business for a long time, as it may take days if not weeks to find a replacement crane, earthmover, cement mixer, and other such vehicle. It can also take that long to replace any cargo or materials that were being hauled. 

This is why business interruption insurance is often included with heavy-duty vehicle insurance. There is a risk of not just property damage and loss of material in such an accident, but a slowdown and even loss of your business for which you may need reimbursement from your insurance provider. If you still have questions, you can click here for more info on heavy motor insurance.